Kampung Baru

Kuala Lumpur

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Kampung Baru

This historic district made up of traditional wooden Malay houses on stilts will not be around for much longer, as pressure mounts on landowners to sell their properties to make way for new urban development. For now, however, you can still wander through and catch a glimpse of what KL's outskirts of the early 1900 looked like, complete with chickens and livestock roaming around, and all manner of street food cooked up along alleyways. Kamoung Baru hosts a weekly night market that sells clothing and handicrafts.

Do & See

Kuala Lumpur combines a modern city with an old feeling of the town. Visit for example the Petronas Twin Tower which used to be the highest buildings in the world or visit the oldest market in town where you can find lovely souvenirs to take home.